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Chicken Inasal with Sinamak Dip



Chicken Inasal:

  1. Create a mix of atsuete and margarine.

  2. Brush the atsuete margarine mixture on Chicken Inasal pieces.

  3. Grill Chicken Inasal until charred and done.

  4. Brush the other side of the chicken with atchuete margarine mixture to even out the flavor.

Sinamak Dip:

  1. Add 1 cup Supremo vinegar in a bowl.

  2. Add ¼ cup chopped onions.

  3. Add ¼ cup chopped garlic

  4. Add 2 tbsp ginger peeled and julienned

  5. Add 1-2 pcs chopped siling labuyo

  6. Add salt and pepper

  7. Mix all together

For a more detailed step-by-step on how to create this wonderful recipe, go ahead and check out the video below!