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Top 5 Markets for the Best Palengke Experience in MNL

Top 5 Markets for the Best Palengke Experience in MNL

Sure na mura, malinis, at fresh ang mga bilihin!

Are prices of goods in the grocery too high for you? Maybe it’s time to hit the wet markets around the metro! We give you the best list of markets that can provide you a hassle-free, budget-friendly, and enjoyable market experience.


Looking for some big, fresh-caught fish for your next seafood fiesta at home? Bulungan Seafood Market is the place to be. Here you can find restaurant owners, merchant wholesalers, and other common shoppers bargaining for the lowest prices of seafood by whispering to each other,

hence the name of the market, bulungan. TIP: It’s best to head out around 3AM, as this is the time when all the fishermen from surrounding islands arrive with big batches of their fresh catch!


This market in this side of the city is a great seafood place for shoppers coming from North. You can find an amazing selection of tiger prawns, crabs, scallops, and mussels here. What’s more, you can also shop hard-to-find vegetables like fennel (mansanilya) and squash blossoms (_b__ulaklak ng kalabasa_b), plus inexpensive choices of cherries, raspberries, and many more.


Situated near the MRT station and jeep terminals, this within-the-city market is one of the busiest spots in the metro, but it’s surely worth the trip. Check out the wide variety of goods you can buy here: fresh buko, different kinds of mushrooms, mussels, crabs, fish fillets, squid, meat, dried

seafood from various provinces, bagoong, all sorts of condiments and spices, vegetables, and native desserts, and so much more. Make sure you go there in the morning, so you can have more time to roam around this amazing market. The vendors are friendly, too!


Known as one of the most organized markets, this Southern palengke offers an easy-breezy experience. What to expect: wide array of meat choices, fresh fruits and vegetables, and unique spices, flowers, fabrics, and many more. Imagine, Alabang meets Divisoria.


If you want a hip market filled with foodies, innovative culinary options, and fresh finds, Salcedo Market is the place to be. From queso de bola to original Filipino chocolate to local shopping items, salad dressings, freshest fruits and vegetables, jumbo burgers, Asian sausages, and more, be thrilled by the refreshing items this spot has to offer. This is your next happy place if you like experimenting with food.

Do you have your own list of top markets? Share it with us by leaving a message at


Happy shopping, Foodies!

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