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Easy Steps to Clean Your Fruits & Veggies

Easy Steps to Clean Your Fruits & Veggies

This is your guide to cleaning fruits and veggies the right way.

What’s the secret behind scrumptious meals? Easy – fresh and clean ingredients! Follow these simple and efficient steps to ensure cleanliness in your food!

Prep them up

Get those fruits and veggies in line and take them out of their packaging! Remove any stickers or labels attached as well.

Wash your hands

Our hands can quickly spread bacteria around the kitchen and onto the food. To avoid any contamination, wash your hands before starting!

Wash ingredients and kitchen utensils before peeling

Avoid germs being transferred from your fruits and veggies to your knife by rinsing the fruits and vegetables first before peeling any damaged or bruised areas.

Keep your utensils and kitchen counters clean, too!

Take out the damaged areas

Bruised and damaged parts can cause dirt to enter the fruit or vegetable, adding the risk of you catching sickness. Cut them out well!

One more rinse

Use running water again to make sure everything is clean, just in case there were leftover contaminants.

For vegetables or fruits that can easily be crushed or ripped, use a spray bottle instead. As for those with thick skin, use a separate brush to scrub it gently. Brushing helps wash away hard-to-remove germs.

Final inspection

Your fruits and vegetables should have zero bruises, specs of dirt, and tiny bugs remaining to make sure it’s safe to eat!

Dry the fruits & veggies

Using a clean cloth or paper towel, gently wipe to let it dry. For leafy vegetables such as lettuce or cabbage, remember to take out the outer leaves.

Stock them up

Stock your freshly cleaned ingredients in the refrigerator, keep the temperature at 40 degrees F to prevent bacteria from growing.

Happy cleaning and cooking, Foodies!

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