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5 Dishes You Need to Try Every Petsa De Peligro

5 Dishes You Need to Try Every Petsa De Peligro

Working on a tight budget is no easy feat. As you rummage through the depths of your wallet for some coins, your bag for some cash and your ATM for some miracle, these 5 tasty dishes will definitely help you get through this week! #GapangToPaydayStartsNow

We’ve all been in this situation before, it’s the week before payday and you’re wondering where you spent all your money. As much as we don’t like the idea of working on a tight budget, the reality is we have to. It’s more challenging than Gordon Ramsay screaming 5 inches from your face. But you don’t have to sacrifice your gastronomic cravings because you don’t have enough money. All you just need to do is be creative and resourceful and, of course, check out RecipeTV regularly.

Here are 5 dishes we recommend you to try this Petsa De Peligro. Relatively cheap but tasty dishes that will definitely fit within your budget.

Party Chicken Crunchies

Well, who doesn’t love chicken? These recipe is perfect not only for your single-self but for the whole family as well. Something both the adults and kids will enjoy and it’s also cheap. The ingredients can easily be found in the pantry already.

Recipe: https://recipetv.ph/recipe/party-chicken-crunchies

Bistek Tagalog

This family dinner staple is one not to be missed. A classic Pinoy dish that will definitely satisfy not only your hunger but craving for some good ol’ homecooked meal. The thinly sliced beef marinated in soy sauce and garnished with caramelized onion rings is perfect for the whole family.

Recipe: https://recipetv.ph/recipe/bistek-tagalog

Bicol Express

If you want a little kick to your meal, Bicol Express is the way to go. One of the most popular Pinoy dishes that originated from the Bicol Region, Bicol Express allows you to be as creative and flexible with the ingredients. Pork cooked in coconut milk with shrimp paste and chilies, this dish is something for everyone to enjoy.

Recipe: https://recipetv.ph/recipe/bicol-express

Yang Chow Fried Rice

Any Filipino meal wouldn’t be complete without rice. And this Chinese-style inspired fried rice is perfect to help you get through the week.

Recipe: https://recipetv.ph/recipe/yang-chow-fried-rice

Pancit Puti

If you’re looking for a healthy alternative, then Pancit Puti is the way to go. It’s easy to make, light on the budget and perfect for your diet.

Recipe: https://recipetv.ph/recipe/pancit-puti

Don’t forget to check out our website for more recipes to help you get through Petsa De Peligro!

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