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10 Healthy Ingredient Hacks

10 Healthy Ingredient Hacks

Healthier ingredients = healthier and stronger family!

  1. Chia seeds are known to have 19 times more fiber, 2 times more protein, and 35 times less sodium than breadcrumbs. Aside from these, this kind of seed contains a healthy dose of anti-oxidants, calcium, and omega-3 fatty acids.
  1. Why not use romaine instead of lettuce for your kid’s sandwich baon? Romaine is known to have 17 times more vitamin A and 4 times more vitamin K than iceberg lettuce. Vitamin A is good for the eyes, immune system, and cell growth, while vitamin K is essential for the bones and heart.
  1. Give a healthy twist to your next batch of homemade cookies by mixing cacao nibs instead of the usual chocolate chips. Cacao nibs are known to have zero sugar content and have five times more fiber content than chocolate chips.
  1. Make a refreshing pick by choosing coconut flour over white flour. Coconut flour has lower level of carbs and higher level of fiber content.
  1. Chips or popcorn? Yes to air-popped popcorn, definitely! It has 9 times less saturated fat and 1/3 fewer calories than the regular potato chips. Fact: High level of saturated fat intake increases your risk of heart disease, breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, and obesity.
  1. Did you know almonds are way than your go-to croutons for your salads? Make sure your salad serving is healthy bite after bite with almonds, as it has 2 times more protein, 3 times more fiber, and 1/3 of the carbs of croutons.
  1. Tip for your next creamy dip: Choose Greek yogurt over sour cream. Sour cream = 2 times more calories, Greek yogurt = 3 times more protein. Greek yogurt wins!
  1. Olive oil too pricey for your budget? Tip: Go for a bottle of coconut oil instead of settling for a bottle of vegetable oil. Estimated 66% of the fat of coconut oil is medium-chain triglyceride, which promotes weight loss. For your husband who needs to watch his diet to your daughter who wants to get rid of some pounds, coconut oil is your better choice than vegetable oil.
  1. Mayo contains sugar and saturated fat. Mustard? ZERO sugar and ZERO saturated fat. Mustard wins!
  1. Why is everybody going crazy about quinoa? Apparently, it has whopping 150% more fiber and 100% more protein than white rice. It has more magnesium, potassium, and iron to strengthen the body from within.

Have a happier and healthier way of cooking, Foodies!

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